Aging in Place: Remodeling for Your Forever Home

Aging in place is a trend that is here to stay. According to an AARP report, over 90% of people 65 and over expressed a strong desire to remain in their home as long as possible.However, many people want to delay making changes until they get older. Instead, be proactive. Look at it as an opportunity to create a gorgeous, relaxing space that you never hope to leave. Below we offer some home renovation options that may help with comfortably aging in your home.First Floor Master SuiteMany older homes don’t have a large enough master bed/bath on the main floor, while others don’t have one at all. Solution, add square footage to your home or take an unused room, such as a formal living or dining room, and convert it to a bedroom.DSC_0195Widen Doorways and Open WallsIf you have been contemplating removing a wall, now’s the time. With a more open concept, it creates more maneuvering space throughout your house. Another option is to widen the doorways for easier accessibility.Main Level Washer/DryerLaundry rooms don’t have a “typical” location. They can be found in the basement, all the way to the top floor. We are even noticing a trend to include them in your master suite. However, when it comes time to think long-term, housing them on the main level will allow for the easiest access on a regular basis.LightingSimply updating your lighting can make a huge difference. Task lighting can be added to your main working and walking areas to help with visibility and prevent falls. Want a little drama? Toss in additional soft lights in certain areas of your home for added ambiance.BathroomBe conscious of the small details. A curb-free shower not only makes the space feel larger, but also allows for easy access by not having a barrier. The addition of a grab bar, bench or handheld wand can create a better and safer experience. With such a variety of products, you can create a luxurious space that is safe and practical for the future.DSC_0913_Fotor_CollageElevatorsThis trend is one of the pricier renovation options. Not only is an elevator ideal for the transportation of people, it is also helpful for moving furniture, heavy luggage or laundry.KitchenThere are a number of kitchen design options to make dishes and countertop appliances more accessible for every day use.

drawer detail_Fotor_Collage

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