Fulfill Your Kitchen Storage Needs

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, extra storage is almost always on the homeowner's wish list. Sometimes this can be quite easy, other times it requires more creative thinking to make it work in a small space. Check out some of these great kitchen storage options, you just might find some ideas for your wish list!

Most people do not like to keep appliances on their counters but to lift something heavy, like this kitchen aid mixer, in and out of a cabinet can be a pain. This base cabinet with mixer shelf allows for easy use of an appliance without the hassle.

mixer stand

 Cabinets with pullouts also allow for organized storage especially when a cabinet is serving as a pantry. Items can easily be lost in the back of a cabinet but the deep pullouts ensure you can easily see all of the contents.


Finally, we have a charging station cabinet. This is a newer request by homeowners since many of us have multiple gadgets. This particular homeowner wanted a place to keep cords and outlets hidden and off the counter. This cabinet not only offers two outlet options, but one of the outlets also contains a USB port. Genius!


 There are still so many more kitchen storage options to share, so make sure you check out next month's post where we will feature a few more storage ideas. If you are interested in updating your kitchen, we would love the opportunity to work with you!