Hurricane Preparedness at Home

Katrina. Sandy. Isabel. Joaquin.


If you call Virginia or other parts of the East Coast your home, you have most likely experienced hurricane and similar inclement weather. This weekend, it is as important as ever to take caution, stay up-to-date with the weather, and stockpile food, first-aid supplies, and other necessities.

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It is also crucial to equip your home to be ready for Hurricane Joaquin.


Follow these tips and ideas for hurricane preparedness at home:


  • Make plans to secure your property.

    • Option 1: Use permanent storm shutters, which offer the best protection for windows.

    • Option 2: Board up windows with 5/8” marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking.


  • To reduce roof damage, install straps or additional clips to securely fasten your roof to the frame structure.


  • Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed.


  • Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts.


  • Determine how and where to secure your boat.

 This invaluable information is courtesy of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). For more information about what to do before, during, and after a hurricane, visit the FEMA website.To track Joaqin's whereabouts and weather forecast, visit the National Hurricane Center.