A Kitchen Fit for Entertaining

We're excited to share with you an amazing kitchen remodel! The homeowner came to us with this wish-list: open concept, casual seating space, better layout, more storage & prep space, more modern color scheme and materials. The most dramatic change in this renovation will be the removal of the wall that separates the dining room & kitchen, it will more than double the kitchen area & allow for the open concept at the top of the homeowners wish-list.Small dining area will be made apart of the modern kitchen and expand the footprint. The homeowner won't lose casual seating but you'll have to check back next week to see renders of the new kitchen! DSC_0584This kitchen was renovated in the 90s and is in desperate need of updating! There is no prep space & the storage space is minimal with a really awful layout.This is the right side of the kitchen.  Take note of the door located on the left side of the kitchen.  This set of cabinets is against the wall that will be removed during the renovation to allow for a larger, more open kitchen.